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CLOSED. Saturday, Sunday and Holiday
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Feel the joy with MERBLISS
At MERBLISS we want to help you cherish every moment,
from the simplest happiness of a short break or holiday,
to the bliss felt during your wedding day !
May Everyday Remain BLISS
A moment of happiness with MERBLISS
We understand the importance of simple daily happiness in life and how cherishable each and every one of these moments can be.
From the sweetness of a short break, to the peaceful feeling you get after some time away from your routine,
we want to be there with you and provide more reasons to appreciate life and live it to its fullest.

MERBLISS stands for May Everyday Remain BLISS.
It means that "A moment of happiness with MERBLISS".

We want you to feel and remain blissful at all time !
Why does MERBLISS focus on the wedding dress ?
When would a woman experience the greatest happiness in her life ?
MERBLISS believes that the happiest moment for a woman in her life would be on her wedding day.
Even though a wedding ceremony only lasts few hours, bliss moments
during the course of preparation can't be described all in words.
The most important day of woman's life, the day for woman to shine,
MERBLISS wants to be there with you.
MERBLISS philosophy
WHow important is beauty to you ?
While you are busy with your daily tasks, you can’t focus on maintaining a perfect appearance at all time,
but your internal beauty stays intact. MERBLISS wants to make sure this beauty is visible to the world.

MERBLISS 'May Everyday Remain "BLISS"'
Every woman’s dream is to be the most beautiful she has ever been on her wedding day.
At MERBLISS we designed unique products to make you to
feel this way not just once in your lifetime but every day.
MERBLISS is designed and produced in Seoul, the world’s k-beauty capital.
We are staying up-to-date with the newest industry trends to
provide the most unique products to you !